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You are on this website most probably because you are looking where to buy isk. We do sell Eve ISK. And not only it.

Iskspot is the place where you can buy isk, eve ships including capital and supercapital ships, eve implants and actually anything that can bought in game for ISK. You can also buy PLEX to pay for your subscription with or use it for any other purposes.
In the near future we will also add some nice toons, so to buy eve characters, ready for your goals and trained, will be possible as well.
Please, read our FAQ section to see how various items are delivered and maybe find out some other details.

Our credo:
- Short delivery time - no delivery will be carried out in more than 24 hours (except for (super)capital ships);
- Safe delivery methods;
- Honest farming - we guarantee that we farm all the Eve ISK offered for sale and never hack any accounts or do this sort of things;
- Low prices - we will keep the price affordable so the you can fully enjoy the game;
- Discounts and promotions for customers - And we'll constantly offer you some interesting prices for various products so that shopping with us be even more pleasant. 

What is Eve Online.
Eve Online is a massively multiplayer online game, developed by the Icelandic company CCP Games, the action in which takes place in space in the far future. You will not meet zergs in this game, neither will you see fairies and elves - the characters are people. Evolved, with advanced technologies, diverse in the sense of their history, appearance, race, bloodline, with an open and complex market and economy, based on Eve ISK . People fly on eve ships. Their ships from a side view perspective is what you are actually going to see. And their portraits and names which are unique and which every player customizes to his/her taste.

What makes Eve Online different.
There are plenty of MMOs on the market to fit almost every taste. Browser games, fantasy games, strategy games, even other cosmic games including a cosmic FPS (first-person shooter). But still Eve Online remains one of its kind.
One of the most prominent aspects of the eve game is that it unites all the players in 1 single universe. It does not split the Eve game world into parts thanks to the shardless technology used by CCP, and consequently does not limit the number of persons acting simultaneously. So get ready to see 50.000 other players online, playing along with you, some of whom also prefer to buy isk from our website. The brilliant graphics, cosmicscapes and refined and well-thought design of spacecrafts is another feature that attracts players.
Character development in this game does not depend on non-intellectual and monotonous extermination of mobs (Non Player characters). But on skills that are trained by characters in real time, allowing players be able to do certain things such as piloting a certain type of eve ships. What is notable is that skills are trained even if a player is not logged into the game. But unlike Eve ISK, real time needed for training skills cannot be bought. The only way to skip skill training is to buy eve characters, already trained.
The virtually limitless possibilities provided by the game make it truly unique. Players can choose from very many occupations and ways to play; their actions significantly affect the game world and other players if directed to them. So rookie players do go through a period when they do not even know what to do with this freedom of choice as the Eve Online game, offering an excellent introduction tutorial, does not then rail the player through a pre-defined scenario. However, you can buy isk, and then buy anything needed for the career you’ve chosen from the in game market - this will definitely give you a boost in advancement.
And finally, Eve Online has an evident tendency to be realistic in players' manifestations and allow real life interactions, both good and bad. So luckily or not, but players have to be prepared to anything, including dishonesty of co-allies, deceptive market offers, destruction of their eve ships with no purpose but just for laughs. This is how this game is. But the cheap Eve ISK we offer we’ll help you easily get your positions back.

Characters and accounts.
Characters are the main acting force in the game. Characters are stored on your account. You can have up to 3 characters on 1 Eve Online account, but you can only play with one character from an account at a time.
If you buy isk with one of your characters, you can then easily and safely transfer eve isk to and among you other characters - so they all will be rich in the game :) .
It is very likely that you are going to have several characters and even several accounts. And will play with several characters from different accounts simultaneously as the possible roles in the eve game are very diverse and mutually complementing, that you'll find running 2 characters in 2 windows of the Eve client very useful. 

Audience of Eve Online.
Eve Online is rather a mature and intellectual game. To be able to succeed in it, a player needs to learn a lot of information, be always cautious when playing and take well-thought decisions. That is why it does not come as surprise that the average age of the players is around 25 years. Some of the subscribers of Eve prefer to work in real life, and not to “work” in the game for the purpose of earning Eve ISK, but to enjoy it. That is why they simply buy isk from us and go straight into fun.

PvP and PvE.
Both are present in the game. Although Eve Online is often seen as a more PvP directed game. PvE is often seen as a source of income, source for eve isk needed for further PvP actions as they require ships and equipment that are periodically lost. However there are also PvE story-lines that some players enjoy.
Another particularity of Eve Online is that PvE and PvP are not separated. Which means that any player engaged in PvE can become a target for PvP. This causes some debates, and also suggests that Eve is primarily PvP oriented.

Player associations.
The major association unit is a corporation. Players firstly unite into a corporation, then form alliances. Corporations and alliances interact with other similar associations, either peacefully, or as opponents. So the conditions for those with leadership inclinations are created in the eve  game.
Taking decisions on the scale of the whole alliance is rather a political action and at some point players become specializing and doing politics only, which also influences the game world and especially how territories are distributed.

The game world is huge. Moving from one part of the Eve space to another may take much much time.
There 2 types of territories:
Controlled by NPC factions (Empire) - relatively safe as NPC "police" - Concord intervenes each time unlawful aggression acts occur and destroy the offender's ship; and controlled by players - the status of a separate player will depend on his/her standing with the controlling alliance. Various alliances usually fight over territories, as territories mean more resources which can then be transformed in Eve ISK,  and so the borders of alliances periodically change.

Solo play.
As with PvE, Eve Online is also considered rather directed at team play. Solo play is possible, of course. Players can run missions and fight against NPCs, however even some missions require a team work. (Need equipment for running missions? Buy isk here and get all what you need!). Not to mention the protection that comes from a corp in case of PvP engagements, and especially the common war and patrolling actions in player controlled territories. So, one can engage in PvE solo, in PvP solo; definitely cannot conquer new territories alone; and cannot do the hardest mission solo. In rest - yes, solo play is possible.

Thanks to the above-mentioned sharldess servers of Eve Online, all players play together. In one world (which is huge though). Yes, jams around major trading hubs like Jita do happen. On the other hand, communication takes place as well. Among very different people. From very different countries as the game is truly international and global. There are no country/region/language-based separate servers so be prepared to find people from different hemispheres in your corporation.

Economy and market in Eve Online.
Like any MMO, Eve Online has an in game economy. It is completely dependent on players’ actions and free. However unlike other MMOs, the economy in Eve has become extremely complex that CCP release Quarterly Economic Newsletter and have a real life economist in their staff. Of course, trading and manufacturing are separate professions in the game in which players may specialize.
Ways to exchange items between players include the in game Market, the system of Contracts and Trade, which enable direct interactions between players. nd yes, Eve ISK is what items are estimated in and converted into.

Eve ISK.
ISK or InterStellar Kredit is the currency in the game. Absolutely anything can be bought on the in game market for ISK - starting from ships and ending with implants, boosters and items needed for missions. As the game is cosmic and the scales are large, the sums players operate with for transactions start with millions. (That is why when you buy isk from us, you’ll see that the minimal amount is about several thousand millions). So there are many zeros to pay attention to when making transactions.
Like in real life, the in game currency is the major mediator used for items exchange. In simpler words, to be able to do anything in the eve  game a players needs some items (a ship to fly, weapons to fire with, goods to sell, etc.). The easiest way to get the needed items is to buy them for Eve ISK.

Ways to earn ISK.
There are several ways to earn ISK in the online game: mission running, NPC hunting, mining, manufacturing, trade, piracy. Like in any MMO, the process of earning ISK is generally fairly slow which keeps players spending a lot of time in game doing actions that not necessarily are enjoyable (for most people they usually are not enjoyable).
That is why there has appeared another option of getting in game items - buying them from people who produce them professionally. Our website - - is exactly where you can do it. To be short, buying in game items allows players to quickly do the actions they enjoy, and skip the phase of monotonous actions aimed at earning the in game money needed to enjoy the game.

Welcome to Eve Online and!

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