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Characters’ names in Eve Online.

Below is information in the form of questions and answers on how characters' names are treated in Eve Online.

I do not like the name of my character any more, and I made up another one for him/her. Can I file a petition for a name change?
No, you cannot. Such requests for a name change will not be approved.

Someone told me that he wants to report me, because he thinks my name is offensive. Will my character be deleted?
If you think that you have unintentionally created a character with an incorrect name, contact Eve Online's Customer Support or send an in-game petition. Your case will be considered and a decision on the suitability or unsuitability of the name will be taken. If it is decided that the name is incorrect indeed, but you have complied with all other rules and there are no other violations related to your account, then you may be allowed to change the name. But keep in mind that your contacting the support does not guarantee such a possibility, and your character with all items may be removed.

I was in a corporation, when I created this character, and I was forced to include the abbreviation of corporation in its name. Now I am a member of another corporation. Can a GM remove the old abbreviation?
No. In this case, the GM will not change the character's name, will not even remove the abbreviation. You as a player should not include any non-constant parts in your characters' names. The CEOs of corporations also should not require this of their members.

I have had a dispute in the game with another player, and now he and his corporation persecute and insult me. Can my character's name be changed so that they could not find me?
GMs will not change your name in this case. If you feel that other players pursue you, please read the Harassment section on the official Eve website to learn what actions you can take to resolve the issue.

How do I know what the names are prohibited?
Read the following rules - User and Character Name Policy on the official Eve Online website. You get all the information on this topic.

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